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Sticky Topic Kill Credits (Read 2095 times)
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Kill Credits
Feb 10th, 2018 at 10:58am
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I've add the concept of a "kill credit" on the mountain and the island. It is similar to the Who Pushed Me mutator, with the point being to prevent a suicide to one player and award the kill to another player.

To earn the kill credit on a suiciding player, you need to have been the last person to have inflicted damage upon them.

Kill credits can only be earned on human players (so not bots). Here are the conditions:

  • A human player suicides, and
  • the cause of death was not impact hammer, and
  • the cause of death was not drowning, and
  • a bot or human (known as the "creditor") had inflicted damage on them prior to their death...

  • The dying player's Death total increases by one (as usual)
  • The dying player's Frag total does NOT decrease by one (bonus!)
  • The creditor's Frag total increases by one (bonus!)

In these example pictures, the creditor is Torquer, the dying player is Mettalov.

If Torquer earns a kill credit on Mettalov, he would see this on his screen:

In the chat area, all players are notified of the credit:

Mettalov would see "Your death credited to Torquer" on their screen. I couldn't get a good screenshot of this because my testing dying player was in lava and the red message blends in too easy with the lava lol. However if we look at Mettalov's console, we can see the message:

And finally, on the game stat pages, if there were any kill credits in the game, look for the "Credited" column at the end of the Headshots grid, for example:

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Re: Kill Credits
Reply #1 - Feb 10th, 2018 at 5:53pm
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Oh wow!  That's great Helen.  I can't believe how fast you made this mod.  Looking forward to trying it out.
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Re: Kill Credits
Reply #2 - Feb 11th, 2018 at 5:31pm
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Yeah Nice job, that looks and functions well. Very good alternative to WhoPushedMe! Nice to also have it's own section in the stats. Maybe you can eventually tie Revenge in at some point as well!

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