UT & UT2004 Server Monitor 2.91 download posted April 26, 2008  

This is primarily a UT server browser with many little extras to help you find the servers, players, and maps of your choice.
UT:  Fully operational!  Can query the UT Master Server list!
 UT2004:  The main things work for UT2004, like the Favorites list and the Player and Map monitors.
 UT Mods:  You can add other game types to the monitor if they are a mod of UT (Thievery, Tactical Ops, Infiltration, etc).

All functionality listed below.

Easily keep track of where your favorite players are.

See where you can play your favorite maps.

Customize the tabs to report on your favorite game types.

The icon in the tray will keep track of the status of your currently selected server.

Version History       All versions are cumulative. Email me if you really want one of the older versions.

version 2.91 (released April 26, 2008) -- New -- Added Tools/Quick UT 99 Setup. This allows you to edit some default settings in your UnrealTournament.ini file. You also have the ability to add more settings to this editor. -- Bug Fixes -- If there are saved filters, the Favorites list will be sorted and filtered on startup. Quickly clicking twice on a sort column in a server grid will no longer cause UT to start up. After clicking OK on the options window, the focus will still be on the last tab selected, rather than moved to the Favorites tab.
version 2.9 (released March 30, 2008) -- New -- When entering the address for a favorite server, you can enter either a DNS or IP address. There are a few different sets of tray icons you can choose from. Set in Tools/Application Icon. There is an option to send this application straight to the tray on startup. Set in Tools/Options.
version 2.8 (released March 9, 2008) -- New -- Added the toolbar for some of the more common functions. There is an option to hide the toolbar if you like. New sound available. You can have this application play a sound when the selected sever goes from having no players to having one or more players. Setup in Tools/Sounds. (Note that, if the server went from offline to online at the same time, the 'server online' sound will not play, because it is redundant since the populated sound has already played). There is a new option when right-clicking on the Player Monitor list to add the server to your favorites. -- Bug Fixes -- Tools/Find Player and Tools/Find Server work much better. Tray icon is much more accurate when reflecting the status of the selected server. This application is much better at tracking when the selected server came online, so you will properly hear the 'server came online' sound when you expect it.
version 2.73 (released February 20, 2008) -- New -- In Tools/Font you can select from a few fonts and sizes for this application. In Tools/Sounds you can choose the sounds to play when servers or players come online. In Help/Log you can view some of the events that are logged. -- Bug Fixes -- If you have a fast computer, and you queried the master server, the percentage of servers that replied would drop below 90% by a variable amount (depending on the speed of your computer). This has been addressed by adding an option that allows you to tweak the speed of the query yourself. The option is on the Tools/Options window, and is called 'Master Server Query delay strength', and it has a help button with more information. The Find Server and Find Player functions work properly. When selecting a row in a server grid, the settings grid would reload itself as many times as packets were received for the server. While reloading ONCE would be optimal, I couldn't guarantee this, but now at least it reloads much less often. If one of the server grids had focus and you used CTRL + ALT + DELETE on the keyboard, it would invoke the delete function of the grid. Fixed.
version 2.71 (released September 16, 2007) -- New -- More new UT2004 related tabs are provided by default. They can be shown using the menu item Tools/Tabs. The new tabs are 2K4 Death Match, 2K4 CTF, Double Domination, 2K4 Team DM, 2K4 Assault, 2K4 Last Man, Bombing Run, Invasion, Mutant, and Onslaught. Because of the addition of these tabs (even when they are hidden), you can ask to join the server and the correct game will start up, as long as you have specified the exe path for UT2004. For first time users, all the filters will be shown by default. Filters can be hidden using the menu item Server/Filters. A related filter option is that you can set their location on the window. This option can be set in Tools/Options.
version 2.70 (released September 2, 2007) -- New -- Player Monitor/Import Players allows you to import your buddies all at once from UT2004 game types. (Also available by right-clicking on the player monitor list). Player Monitor/Export Player allows you to export a player in the player monitor list to a UT2004 game type. (Also available by right-clicking on the player monitor list).
version 2.69 (released August 19, 2007) -- New -- Provided the option to keep the Favorites list in sync with the game files. - This means that UT Server Monitor will load your favorites from the games you play, as well as Add, Update, or Delete any favorite in your game files that you edit in UT Server Monitor. - For first time users, this option is turned on. - This option can be changed in the Tools/Options dialog. - Note that in order for this to work automatically for each game type in your favorites list, UT Server Monitor needs to know where to find the favorites for each game type. This can be set up using the Tools/Game INIs dialog. (For UT, UT2003, and UT2004, UT Server Monitor will have tried to set these up for you already. Other game types will have to be done manually, like Thievery, Tac Ops, Bunny Track, etc). Added some more tabs: Bunny Track, BT CTF, BT Game, Tac Ops SWAT, Monster Hunt, and Smart CTF. By default these new tabs are hidden. To choose which tabs to show, open the Tools/Tabs dialog. Hid some of the existing tabs for first time users. Now hidden are TO 3.4, TO 3.5, Thievery, Thief Match, and Thief Co-Op. To choose which tabs to show, open the Tools/Tabs dialog. UT Server Monitor will automatically check for newer versions of itself. If a newer version is available, the user will see a message in the status bar. This auto check can be turned off in Tools/Options. Added Location as a filter. -- Bug Fixes -- In the server lists, sorting by the Players column will work properly if the option to show total players is turned on. In the server settings list, sometimes the Location value would be shown to be 'No Region Specified' when in fact there was a value, fixed. Removed the shortcut key from the Players filter because it was a duplicate of the System menu item.
version 2.68 (released April 6, 2006) -- New -- Map Monitor tab. Add your favorite maps to this tab to see what servers are currently playing them. -- Bug Fixes -- Paths set in the System/User INIs dialog will be saved. Tools/Quick Player Setup works again (it was busted due to the above bug). After querying the master server list, the favorites list will still auto-refresh (if you have that setting turned on).
version 2.67 (released Dec 31, 2005) -- New -- Can setup UTServerMonitor to handle additional games that are mods of UT. (A help document on this is included). Can double-click a server in the list to join. Option to minimize UTServerMonitor when joining a server. See Tools/Options.
version 2.66 (released Nov 20, 2005) -- New -- Option to show maximum number of players in Players column in server list. See Tools/Options. When you join a TO server it will run Tactical Ops (if you have it installed that is). You can choose which tabs you want shown. Use Tools/Tabs to show or hide your tabs. Note: after showing or hiding some tabs, the tab order will be a bit wonky until you close and the re-open the app. Note: for each tab that is not shown, it's game type will appear in the Other tab (if the Other tab is shown). 5 new tabs available; 3 Thief ones and 2 TO ones. Use Tools/Tabs to show these new tabs. Option to show tabs on either one or multiple lines if there are lots of tabs showing. See Tools/Options. -- Bug Fixes -- *Major* - using the menu item 'Ping All Servers' will refresh the lists only once (rather than endlessly, oops). If there is a valid player selected in the player list, then if you drop down the Player Monitor menu, the last menu item will include the player name.
version 2.65 (released Nov 18, 2005) -- New -- Added 'Time Remaining' and 'Location' to the setting list. (Time Remaining only shows if there is a Time Limit). -- Bug Fixes -- When you join a Thievery server it will run the Thievery version of UT (if you have it installed that is).
version 2.64 (released Nov 16, 2005) -- New -- Added 'Version' to the setting list so you know what version of UT the server is hosting. -- Bug Fixes -- A player will not appear more than once in the player list. All players received by a server will be shown in the player list. (A server's info can be received in more than one packet, and sometimes not all packets are transmitted. So I was not showing any players that may have arrived after a missing packet. So now, if a server says there are 20 players, but the player list only shows 15, then a packet didn't make it, but at least you are seeing all the players that the server DID send.)
version 2.63 (released Nov 13, 2005) -- Bug Fixes -- Sorting negative values (like Frags) works properly. The desktop does not flicker when clicking on a server.
version 2.62 (released Nov 12, 2005) -- New -- Added menu item Server/Ping All Servers, so you can ping all lists with one click. Column Sorting. Click on any column heading to sort the list ascending or descending. (more notes on sorting available under Help/About). Added 'Auto-Switch Weapons' to Tools/Quick Player Setup. -- Bug Fixes -- When a list has focus, the popup menu button will work.
version 2.6 (released Nov 6, 2005) -- New -- Now a server BROWSER!! Get all servers from the original UT master server list. Each game type appears on it's own tab. Both the Tools/Find function and the Player Monitor will find players in ALL servers, not just the favorites. Many more filters, including bot skill, translocator, weapon stay, force respawn, no team changes, password required, player count, max player count, game speed, air control, team score, max teams, and friendly fire. You can choose which ones are used in Server/Filters. You can have different filter values for each game type. You can now add more than one favorite with the same ip (just the ports need to be different). Quick Player Setup - allows you to change some basic player settings for your UT character (Name, Team, and Play As Spectator). Only available for each UT Directory you have set up. Export Favorites - you can now export a single favorite or all the favorites to the unreal ini of your choice. In Tools/Options, you can set whether to automatically ping a server or not when you select it in a list. In Tools/Options, you can specify what to query when the application starts; UT Master Server list, Favorites only, or neither. Use Tools/Options to choose where the filters appear (top, bottom, left, or right). You can select a server and copy the server name to the clipboard. You can select a player in either a server info grid or the Player Monitor grid and copy the player name to the clipboard. You can select a server setting and copy the setting value to the clipboard. Tools/Find Player. New for this is the ability to look for a partial match. After entering in a player name, use F3 to cycle thru additional player names to find a match. (You can also use F3 to bring up the 'Find Player' dialog if you have not yet entered a player name to search for). Tools/Find Server. Helps to find a server. Can look for a partial match. After entering in a server name, use F2 to cycle thru additional servers to find a match. (You can also use F2 to bring up the 'Find Server' dialog if you have not yet entered a server name to search for). All your preferred column sizes and splitter positions are saved. Added these settings to the list; gamespeed, force respawn, air control, no team changes, and weapon stay. -- Removed for this version -- Selecting a player row in the monitor list will no longer select the server in the server list. -- Altered for this version -- Changed shortcut for adding player to monitor list to CTRL+A Changed shortcut for deleting player from monitor list to CTRL+B -- Known bugs -- Sometimes the first row in the player list will be a duplicate of the column headings.
version 1.61 (released Oct 6, 2005) Does not expire
version 1.6 (released April 11, 2005) -- New -- Query UT, UT2004, UT2003, UT2004Demo, and UT2003Demo servers Filter by UT version Play a sound when current server comes online Play a sound when any player in the Player Monitor list comes online 'Join Player' option Window height, width, and the height of the info tab is saved -- Removed -- Estimate time remaining option Filtering by game type -- Bug fixes -- Sometimes this app would prevent windows from shutting down, FIXED Joining a server would always use port 7777 for that server rather than the port you had set, FIXED
version 0.6 (released Mar 19, 2005) Refreshing all servers WILL refresh the player monitor list one second later Refreshing a single server will NOT refresh the player monitor list Refreshing the player monitor list will NOT refresh the server list Red Icon: the server is offline Blue Icon: the server is online with no players Green Icon: the server is online with at least one player Importing favorites will merge with the current server list rather than overwrite Hovering over the icon in the tray will give you information for the currently selected server When a row is selected in the server list or player monitor list, pressing delete on the keyboard will delete that row There are right-click menus available for the server, server info, and player monitor lists F7 will set the auto-refresh rate to none CTRL + F7 will toggle through the available refresh rates
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