Words SHIELD BELT:  Shoot the graffiti wall in the red base.
KEG:  Shoot the city skyline wall in the blue base.

Avril Vs Britney SECRET GALLERY:  You can go through the wall behind the nali statues.
Coke][ INVISIBILITY:  In the room with the plate of glass leaning against the wall, go to the corner where the boards of wood are and you can go through the wall.
Coke KEG: 2 ways to get to this. One of the entrances to the water has a fake roof so you can shoot your transponder through it. The other way is in the elevator shaft. Halfway up the shaft, there is a passage that leads to the keg.
DAMAGE AMP: behind the cathedral glass.
Local42][ TELEPORTER TO REDEEMER: Get up top. Stand at the back left. look down over the left edge at the left exhaust port. In there is the teleporter. You could try jumping in there but I would fire in the translocator. (I have managed to transpond directly to the redeemer, but it is not easy!)
SPACE "FLOOR": if you shoot your transponder over the edge and let it fall to the "bottom", and then translocate, you can walk around in space !
Cube I, II, III INVISIBILITY: On the lower floor there is a fan in the wall; shoot it out and go in the hole.
DAMAGE AMP: Up top is a big picture of the amp on the wall, go through this wall.
HIDDEN HEALTH AND AMMO: You can shoot 2 of the ladies and lean against another to open doors.
Unit][ BOMBS: You can set some redeemers flying and detonating by following a sequence of events. The letters of the word "birdie" are on the walls throughout the map, so after you press each letter in order, it will set off the event. Also a picture of a lady will emerge from the wall by the last letter. Here are the directions to the letters.
B - Find the water channel. From the channel is a shaft leading slightly down. At the end of the shaft, there are 3 sheets of water falling from drains. You can walk thru the one that is against a wall.
I - Find the arched bridge. Go to its inside passage. At one end of the passage (the brick end) there is a nook where you will find the I.
R - In a nook in the alley with the biosludge and ti-darium barrels.
D - In a nook by one of the teleporters (there are only 2 teleporters).
I - Go by the water channel. Stand on the road that parallels it. Go toward the glass tower. When you go under the stone cover, there will be a door now on the right, go in there.
E - Find the United Way logo on a wall. Jump down to the floor that the big boxes are on. One of the boxes will now be open, in there. STAY INDOORS FOR THE NEXT 20 SECONDS !
ELEVATOR: Just in case you don't notice it, there is an elevator located halfway up the spire that allows you to go to the top.
Draven KEG: When you find the mini-gun, go to the nearest corner. Look up, it is up there.
DuMb INVISIBILITY: Up top, way way up on a skinny ledge.
WalkThisWay FLAK GUN: One of the four exits from the main room seems to be a dead end. Shoot transponder through the ceiling to get to flak gun.
Fedge TRAMS: Just wanted to point out that you can start them moving by walking on to them when they are stationary.
Word TELEPORTER: At the dead end where the shock rifle is located, there is an opening that you can transpond into, and you will find a teleporter. After you go through the teleporter you can look down and see the word and all the bots fighting (if your video card is good enough that is).
Birdie HIDDEN AREA: 2 ways to get to this. In the white stone room with the tall pillars there is a nali-statue up on the wall. The wall just behind it is non-solid. The other way is, find the room with the mini-gun. Then sort of go to the corner where there are 4 health vials. Looking up, you can see a pane of glass. If you transpond up to the left edge of the glass, it will move inwards, allowing you access to the room.
RESTRICTED AREA: Find the waterway that forms a big "T". At the end of the Tee that is cut off with a grating, you can just shoot your transponder under the grating under the water.