Settlers Of Catan Board Generator 1.6 download posted October 8, 2007  

This program will create random board setups for the game Settlers Of Catan.

You can specify the board to be created with:
- traditional shape
- custom shape with traditional number of each piece
- custom shape with custom number of pieces
- custom number of die tiles
- or choose from a list of pre-defined shapes

You can also:
- save your favorite boards that are generated
- print the boards that are generated

Below are some examples of boards created.

Traditional shape:

Examples of the pre-defined shapes available. Again, the shape will be the
same, but the land plates and die tiles will be in a random spot each time.

Custom shape, with extra plain water pieces added:

Custom shape, with no desert, one less brick, one extra wool, and extra plain water pieces:

Custom shape, with DOUBLE the amount of each piece, plus some extra plain water pieces:

Tips and tricks for custom shapes:

- When generating a custom shape, you will typically need extra plain water pieces to make sure all land pieces are enclosed.

- A custom shape with traditional number of pieces (plus extra plain water) is fun even for just 2 players.

- As well as traditional strategies, the custom shape creates different strategies for the initial placement of your settlements.

- One of the main points of the program is to remove the human element of deciding where things go.
We would not likely put 3 bricks in a row, or put two 6's or 8's beside each other. But these types of placements,
combined with the custom shape, actually makes it work out. Try it!
Agree among the players to click the generate button X number of times, and whatever shape comes up, play it.
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